Grassroots Registration Numbers on the Rise


The excitement of the upcoming Rugby League season is beginning to show at grassroots levels with junior club registration numbers more than doubling in just one week, with more than 170’000 young boys and girls expected to sign up across the country in 2014.

Rugby League focuses on a whole-of-game program so the day your child joins a club, is the day he/she starts playing Rugby League while developing skills including try scoring, evasion, passing, and kicking.

The learning scale for Rugby League is broken up into three categories with the two earlier categories Mini footy and Mod League designed around modified rules.

This ensures a fun and safe environment for all ages and children can begin playing competitive Rugby League as young as six years of age and caters for both boys and girls.

Mini Footy (5-8 years) has been developed to meet the needs of younger children and focuses on involvement and encouraging learning skills through play without the pressure of sticking to the straight rules of the game.

The fields are smaller, no contact is permitted above the armpits and games are played over three 10 minute periods.

Mod League (9-12 years) is the middles ground when the demands of adult Rugby League is too much but the simple Mini Footy is not challenging enough.

Matches are played over two 20 minutes halves, no contact is permitted above the armpits, and the ball carrier may not be tripped, pushed or lifted from the ground to be then driven to the ground when tackled.

The benefits of playing a team sport are enormous providing children not only with exercise but can help with vital life-lessons in personal values, team work and relationship building as well as being a positive social outlet for the whole family.

Sport assists in the development of motor skills and assisting with cognitive development, listening skills and taking instructions as well as learning valuable social skills, including cooperation, confidence and respect for others.

For more information on getting your boys and girls involved visit sign up with a club and become part of a community today.