Referee Accreditation Scheme

The National Refereeing Accreditation Scheme (NRAS) is structured to produce Referees who are able to perform consistently to the desired standard of competence in the match at which they are officiating. The NRAS has both Primary and Secondary aims:

Primary Aims:

  • To raise the image and quality of referees and touch Judges
  • To increase competency levels across the refereeing and touch judging population.
  • To promote a most thorough knowledge, interpretation and application of the current Laws of the Game – i.e both the written word and the spirit of the laws.
  • To improve the individual personal and interpersonal skills of referees.
  • To increase the number of recruits to the refereeing ranks by offering education processes, and to provide quality ongoing support to ensure retention of referees.
  • To increase the number of quality course presenters, referee mentors/coaches and assessors.
  • To foster the concept that refereeing has neither gender nor cultural bias.
  • To assist in the involvement of a greater number of senior referees in leadership roles in the professional development of referees through in-service courses/programs.
  • To provide an on-going practical on-field education for referees and touch judges.
  • To develop codes of behaviour, practices and procedures which provide quality standards of refereeing.

Secondary Aims:

  • To increase the retention rate of recruits by establishing and promoting a career path for Referees and Touch Judges through the progressive levels of accreditation.
  • To raise general awareness and support for the role of the Referee and Touch Judge
  • To clearly define and develop assessment, coaching and support structures for Referees at all levels.
  • To improve and enhance communication between Referees at all levels of competition and accreditation.
  • To provide appropriate feedback to Referees to ensure all are familiar with current Laws and experimental innovations.
  • To promote refereeing within the ranks of community members, teachers and past players.
  • To establish an efficient method of disseminating Refereeing resources and articles.
  • To assist in the development of a National Database of qualified Referees at all levels.
  • To act as a medium for the on-going monitoring and assessment of the needs of Referees and Touch Judges.
  • To act as a vehicle for the fostering/encouragement of research in areas beneficial to refereeing

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NRAS document

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