Rugby League Connect

Statement of Rugby League’s Committment to Inclusion

The sport of Rugby League is fully committed to the inclusion of all individuals irrespective of cultural background, gender, race, religion or level of ability.

Leagues across Australia will strive to ensure that opportunities to participate in all aspects of the game are accessible and cater for all individual and community aspirations.

Rugby League has a proud history of inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and people from diverse cultural backgrounds but can always do more. Rugby League is also building on its capacity for the greater inclusion of women as players, officials and supporters.

In respect to the inclusion of people with a disability, much work has been done through the Rugby League Connect initiative and the Rugby League Disability Action Plan will ensure that further work at the League and club level will increase the opportunities for people with a disability to participate in all aspects of our game.

The code of Rugby League will continue to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to become involved in, and experience the excitement of our game. Through our planning and with the support from our Leagues and clubs and the Australian Sports Commission’s Inclusive Sport Program Rugby League aims to be a ‘sport for all’.