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Coach Reaccreditation

Your NCAS Accreditation has an expiry date – of four years, from its date of issue. At that time, you must update your accreditation and reaccredit in order to continue coaching. The expiry date is clearly shown on your accreditation certificate. You can update your accreditation by attending a NRL Coach Update.

MGC, IGC, and Club Coach Accreditation’s – NRL Coach Re-accreditation Course

In 2015, coaches who require re-accreditation of their Modified Games, International Games, or Club Coach Certificates can do this of two ways. At the completion of either of these Coach Updates you will receive your updated coaching certificate via email. Each re-accreditation will be for a period of twelve (12) months.

1. Online Coach Re-accreditation Course:

Coaches can complete the online re-accreditation module. For a full user guide to complete this module, click here. 

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2. Attend a face to face Coach Re-accreditation Course:

The NRL Game Development staff will hold a number of face to face coach re-accreditation update in all areas. If this is your preferred option, you can attend one of these to obtain your re-accreditation.

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SCC & HPC Courses – Re-accreditation Form

All Senior Club Coaches and High Performance Coaches can submit a re-accreditation form with full details of their coach related activities included. Click on the relevant from below to access the form.

Senior Club Coach Re-accreditation Form

High Performance Coach Re-accreditation Form


For all enquiries, please contact your local NRL Game Development Officer in the first instance. All other enquires can be sent to