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LeagueNet Tip Sheets 

A number of Tip Sheets are available to assist administrators

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Getting Started 

SP Passports and User Management .



Levels of Club Access – Full v Restricted

Online Registrations 

Accessing online registration forms

Configure online payments 

Creating products and linking to a registration form / website

Product age filter reference guide

Creating Product Renewals

Pending Registrations

Accessing Usernames and Passwords (updated March 2014)

Managing Participants 

Edit / Add  

De – Registering Participants

Tribunal Records 

Injury Reporting

Clearances / Permits

Reports and Communicator 

Reports Overview / Configure a Report

Save / Edit a saved report 

Accreditation Report – Displays registered coaches / trainers /referees and accreditation details

Participant Report (Products)- Displays a list of registered participants and the product linked to their record.

Participant retention report

Communicator (Send a Message)


Prior to a creating a Competition – Competition Checklist (Leagues Only)

Creating a competition 

Creating Teams/Assigning to a Competition

Generate / Add Fixtures to Competitions 

Generating/Editing Finals Fixtures

Assigning players to teams


Club Championships

Match Results

Pre Game – Assigning players to matches

At Game – Live Scoring 

Post Game – Entering Match Results/Game Stats


Creating a Website Registration Landing Page

Customise LeagueNet Website Header

Customising Display of Fixtures and Results 

Advanced and Elite Websites